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Francine Lange

I picked up my first camera at 16, and have been taking pictures ever since. I now shoot color digital most often, for its speed and immediate feedback, and ease of editing. I am drawn to the shadows, contrast, shading, the "quality of light" of this medium.

I carry my camera everywhere to pay attention to my surroundings. On different days I have zoomed in on a dozen blue jeans hung out to dry over a French village’s cobblestone street, a soft view of a nighttime Empire State Building, a deaf Cairo man dressed in a rough blue robe.

On my site you will see a range of subjects, styles, shapes, details, expressions and colors.

This month, I am featuring images I'm exhibiting at The Octagon Gallery on Roosevelt Island in NYC. When you view the slideshow, I am sure you will find an image (or several) to spark your own imagination.

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